Café Ta! at Southscape


All I know is that not all Mexican dishes are technically Mexican, some of these are Tex-Mex cuisine. So for today’s food, it’s about our latest discovery of Tex-Mexican cuisine that is affordable yet very delicious. I and my husband together with my best friend decided to try out this café in the Southscape located at Talisay City.



I have been to this al fresco food park twice and I liked it here because they have a variety of cuisines to enjoy and they have a large open space area with ample parking spaces for families and friends to dine in.


When we got to the place, it was a bit crowded because it’s also the Sinulog Festival (annual religious and cultural festival in Cebu) there were children dancing and loud music everywhere. Since the place is so big, we still got ourselves a table for four and we ordered our food from a stall called Café Ta!. Their menu was tempting that we ordered their nachos overload, beef quesadillas, taco dorados, and chimichanga. I like that they used their own-made ingredients and cooked freshly before they serve them.


The nachos here come in two flavors, they have the nachos overload and the nachos-fries overload but we opted for the first. This is actually not a meal but rather a snack, and I like how crisp the tortilla chips are. The salsa is also good, there’s a little spice on it because of the added jalapenos and the chili con carne. I love that it’s so cheesy as if they never run out of cheese on it.


One of their best sellers is their beef quesadilla that comes in 8 slices, we just shared it because it’s too much for us. I love the savory mixture of cheddar cheese, beef, and veggies inside. The tortilla is thin crust and is soft and crunchy making it even more delicious with an oozing sensation when the cheese melts in your mouth.


For their taco dorados, I’m really not sure if they use corn or flour tortillas, but one thing I’m sure of is that it’s not only good but it’s incredibly delicious. The tacos were soft and crisp and are filled with ground beef, cheddar cheese, and a salad bar for onions, tomatoes, and lettuce.


And for our last order, the chimichanga, I prefer this rather than the burrito because I liked it deep-fried. The ingredients were simple but I love the flavors of it. It’s a 9” tortilla with chili con Pollo, Pico de Gallo, some cheddar cheese, and added dressings.


Overall, we enjoyed our healthy meal for the night and probably we will be doing this more often because we’ll be trying out their other menu.


Café Ta! accepts delivery orders via Foodpanda and they’re also available for dine-in at Southscape, Lawaan 1, Talisay City from 12:00 noon until 8:00 PM as of now. You can also checked their FB Page for more details.



How about you Hivers, how are you going to add Tex-Mexican cuisine to your meal rotation? See you on my next food trip! Bye 💚


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