Family time at Cebu Ocean Park


Finally, my family had the chance to visit one of Cebu’s family attractions, the Cebu Ocean Park. I was a bit hesitant to bring my baby to this theme park because aside from the crowd she was not into fish until recently she discovered this famous baby shark song and started to love watching whales and sharks.



We bought our ticket online because Cebu Ocean Park has an ongoing promo for online booking, we saved Php50 per person and we availed it on a weekday to avoid large crowds.

Photo from Cebu Ocean Park

The Cebu Ocean Park houses a wide variety of marine species as well as insects, reptiles, and lories. The theme park is located at South Road Properties (SRP) just a walking distance from SM Seaside City.



Upon entry, they have a free photo booth for the guests and we took the chance to have our photos taken as a family. I was totally not oriented that the place wasn’t fully air-conditioned thus I would advise mommies like me to bring extra clothes for babies and bring a battery-operated fan because it could really get hotter inside.



We didn’t have close interaction with the lories because it was really hot outside and my baby was still not comfortable feeding them.


We spent most of our time in the Oceanarium because I think this is the only place that is cooler compared to other areas plus we get the chance to watch and be amazed by the different fishes.





We also watch the bird show and we really enjoyed how talented the birds were!



We had some refreshments in their restaurant and watch some divers feeding the fish.



Overall, our experience bringing our baby to this theme park was amazing, despite the fact that it was so hot. But really, I can see how she enjoys being surrounded by big and colorful fishes. I don’t know any kind of fish but whenever my baby says “baby shark”, I will always nod and say yes!



For my mommy tips:

  1. Go on a weekday because it’s not too crowded
  2. Try to catch their scheduled bird show
  3. Make sure to bring snacks for your baby because it can get tiring
  4. Have fun exploring the place!

For more details about Cebu Ocean Park, you may visit their FB Page
Stay safe everyone, bye! 💚


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