Flavors of Siam: Good Food Great Service


I have to admit that a lot of restaurants here in Cebu closed down because of the pandemic but as the saying goes “when one door closes, another opens” and yes, despite the pandemic, there were new restaurants that opened as well. Is it just me who craves authentic Thai cuisine? Well, for almost a year my husband and I really crave to try Thai cuisine but we were both afraid to dine inside the mall because we weren’t fully vaccinated yet. We were clueless as to where to eat Thai food and so luckily we happen to pass by this restaurant Flavors of Siam along Banilad road. To our curiosity, we got inside and found the interior quaint yet classy maybe because of the fixtures that they used.
Photo Source from Flavors of Siam FB Page



So we decided to have our dinner at this new discovery. We chose the corner table to avoid the crowd but we were again lucky that time because we were the only customers since we were a bit early for dinner time.



We checked their menu, and to our surprise, they got all the Thai food that we craved for such a long time. We ordered Tom Yum Prawn Soup, Beef in Yellow Curry, Thai Bagoong Fried Rice, Buttered Scallop with Garlic, and Thai Papaya Salad. I was shocked that we ordered this much food for the two of us but I was even more shocked that we finished everything without having any takeaway food.
Photo Source from Flavors of Siam FB Page


So for our appetizer, we tried their Thai Papaya Salad but I was really craving for a Pomelo salad but they don’t have it on their menu. I was not disappointed with it because I love their salad, the flavors do have a tantalizing combination of sweet, salty, spicy, and sour taste. The papaya was fresh and crunchy so I really enjoyed it.


For the Tom Yum Prawn Soup, the serving was huge, I thought we couldn’t finish it because I’m really not a soup lover, I’m already contented with a cup of it but it’s not a surprise to me at all that my husband really loves it. Actually, he can finish a serving all by himself that’s how he really loves Tom Yum soup. It has the right sourness and spiciness combination making it more delicious plus the added prawns on it.


Since both of us are rice eaters, we ordered our favorite Bagoong Fried Rice. It is served on a platter and I think it is good for 3-4 persons but you have us, of course, we ended up finishing it all. I loved the Bagoong it gives the right saltiness of the rice. I would love to try their Crab Fried Rice and their Pineapple Fried Rice may be one of these days.


I’m really not fond of curry maybe because I don’t like the smell of it, but when I tried their Beef in Yellow Curry, I was delighted to the richness of flavors and it’s not bad as I think. It was really good and it’s one of my favorite dishes that we tried.


I thought that was our last order because I was already full but when the staff brought to us the Buttered Scallop with Garlic I couldn’t resist but to try it and I was not disappointed. It is so delicious, it has this unique, delightful flavor that makes you want to ask for more. See I thought I was already full but I ended up eating more!


Overall, we have no complaints about the food, the service, the price for us it is all worth it! If this post made you hungry, you can visit Flavors of Siam at Banilad Road, beside Landbank Banilad across Country Club Village. You can also call them at 232-1055 for food deliveries. They are open from 10:30 AM until 8:30 PM every day or you can check their FB page https://www.facebook.com/Siam88888 for more details.


Let me know in the comment below about other authentic Thai restaurants here in Cebu and we will definitely visit it to try their Tom Yum Soup and their salad. Don’t forget to follow me to know the latest food trends. Keep safe Hivers! Bye 💚


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