Going Italian at La Bouna Italian Restaurant


A lot of Filipinos really love to eat Italian cuisine such as pizza and pasta; I must admit I’m guilty of it too. I missed the smell of a freshly cooked pasta and the taste of an authentic Italian pizza. Without hesitation, my husband and I rushed to this secluded restaurant in the city where you can find one of the best pizza and pasta in Cebu. I have been into this place La Bouna Italian Restaurant many times because this is one of our favorite dating hangout with my husband and with my friends. I googled the meaning of La Bouna and it’s an Italian word which means “the good one”, truly our experience every time we dine in this rustic looking style restaurant is not only good but best.




From the outside, the restaurant looks ordinary but once you’re inside it was way different. They have a lot of reproduction of paintings from famous painters and their furniture looks really homey. The lighting though is somewhat dim but overall I find it cozy.


For our starter dish, we ordered their famous appetizer the Focaccia e Pickled Vegetables. It comes with 3 pickled vegetables (tomatoes, mushroom and eggplant) served with chili oil. The good thing about this restaurant is that you can ask for extra Focaccia.


For pizza, we ordered our favorite which is the Napoletana it’s a thin crust pizza but has a fluffy consistency. The pizza toppings come with creamy mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and my favorite anchovies. This makes the pizza taste salty but addictively savory.


For our pasta we ordered 3 kinds but of course it’s not just for us, my friends came over to join us too. We decided to try their best sellers the Pasta “all” Amatriciana, the Pasta “alla Carbonara and the Pasta “all Marinara. You can actually choose what type of pasta and they do have a wide selection of it. All three pastas, we chose spaghetti and everything is so delicious. Their Amatriciana is a tomato sauce pasta with bacon and onions; this was cooked perfectly and it’s a must try. The Carbonara is really creamy but you won’t be having that heavy feeling of cream sauces after eating. Then the last pasta was the Marinara, and this one is my favorite. It’s a tomato sauce spaghetti with mixed seafood.




For our main dish, we ordered pork ribs with fries as side dish. This is my most requested main dish every time I dine in this restaurant. I love how crunchy and juicy their pork ribs.


Overall experience, I would say that this place is highly recommended especially if you are craving for authentic Italian dishes. The staff are nice and friendly. The ambience is airy and pleasant although you may need to use waze or google maps to find the place. The food serving is shareable for 2-3 persons but it’s quite expensive compared to other Italian restaurants.
What about you Hivers, what’s your favorite Italian dish? Let me know in the comment if you have other suggestions for Italian restaurants here in Cebu. That’s it for now, please don’t forget to follow me so that you’ll get updated of my latest blog. Bye 💚


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