Jeju Samgyupsal – Unlimited Pork + Squid Game Dessert


For the past weeks, I have been craving for Samgyupsal, good thing my best friend craves it too. She wanted to try this Jeju Samgyupsal that kept on popping her Facebook. For the love of Samgyupsal and for being a supportive best friend, I made a dinner reservation good for four just to make sure we get a seat because the place gets easily full according to my husband which he quite knew well since it’s not his first time to dine in Jeju Samgyupsal.


As soon as we arrived in the place, the parking space was jam-packed so better be early because they only allow 10-minute leeway for the reservation but they will make a follow-up call to check if you’re pushing through with the reservation.
As we got inside the restaurant, the staff checked our vaccination card and hand over us the menu. They offer two sets of unlimited meat and we decided to choose Set A that’s without beef short plate because we’re not so fan eating beef. They also informed us that dine in is limited to 2 hours and that no left overs.


As the staff prepared our table, I can’t help but notice the mural paintings of Jeju Island with the popping background of the PVC wall panels. It’s really attractive and instagrammable as they say but unfortunately our table was not in that corner.


For starters, the staff served us with their delicious Korean fried chicken, their weird looking but yummy kimchi Korean pancake grilled in a huge hot stone plate and the staff gave us their super appetizing side dishes.



I have been to a lot of Korean restaurant, so far this has the best side dishes I’ve tried. For the meat, they’ll give you two types of Samgyupsal the thick one and the thinly sliced Samgyupsal but you can ask refill for just the thinly sliced one. I lost count as to how many times we asked for a refill. We had so much fun chatting and at the same time guessing the Kdrama series title shown in their three LED wall TVs. I really do love all their side dishes but my most favorite was their Korean Cabbage Salad. My best friend liked their pink radish and my husband loved their Jeju kimchi. We also tried their kimchi stew (kimchi jjigae) and it’s also delicious. Their steamed egg (Gyeranjjim) is also tasty, I think I finished 2 servings of it. Did I mention rice here? Oh yes, we tried their Jeju Fried rice and it tasted so good.



Since it was dinner time, expected that their staff were so busy entertaining other customers, good thing that they install wireless waiter calling system in each table. It was really a funny experience, my husband didn’t know that he was leaning on the waiter calling system because it was so small that you can’t hardly noticed that there’s a button on the table, and so we were wondering why their dining crews keeps on asking us what do we need in our table and we just say “no thanks’. And one of the staff, pointed us to the screen that our table number kept on flashing and that’s the time we realized there was a button.


Of course, the best way to end Korean dining is to have a flavorsome dessert for free! Yes, they will serve you Tangerine Jelly after your meal and bonus part was, the owner gave us squid game dessert! I really appreciate that it was handcrafted by the owner and she was the one who gave it to each table.




We had indeed a great and full dine in experienced in Jeju Samgyupsal. Though there are some things that might not suit for everyone like 2 hours for eating time and the place might get noisy but these are just negligible compared to the commendable service and delicious food we had. Overall, Jeju Samgyupsal is a bang for the buck and definitely will be coming back!

How about you Hivers, what’s your favorite Korean Samgyupsal restaurant? Let me know in the comment if you have recommended restaurants in Cebu for me to try on. That’s it for now, see you all Hivers in my next post! Bye.💚


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