Keiken Spa: Our Relaxing Massage Experience

One Sunday afternoon, I and my husband was looking for a pastime where we can both relax and luckily we came across this newly opened massage spa just a 5-minute drive from our home. The Keiken Spa is located at CPG Arcade in Pitogo, Consolacion Cebu.




The word Keiken means “to experience” in Japanese and yes we had one of the best experiences in this spa. As we got inside, we surely did notice that the place was really clean and smelled therapeutic. The receptionist, offered us their services so we tried their 1 ½ hour Swedish massage wherein we got the chance to choose the kind of oil that they will use.


My husband tried the Lavender because it’s good for promoting relaxation and sleepiness while for me I tried their eucalyptus oil because this is perfect for revitalizing my tired muscles.

Before we got into our room, they had to wash our feet first using not just ordinary soap and water but they used salt scrub. They provided us with a towel and shorts to change (all were new and well-pressed).


Before we started the massage, of course, I have to check their washroom because I get meticulous about this but to my surprise, their washroom impresses me! It was tidy and they have this automatic toilet bowl!


The full-body Swedish massage that we had was absolutely recommended. The massage therapist was able to adjust the pressure based on my body movement when to ease off and change pressure. My husband expected to be sore the next day, but he ended up going out for a bike ride!



They have a cute way of asking for feedback from their customers by providing a pen and an envelope where you can put the tip to your massage therapist.


Overall, the Swedish massage was a really wonderful, professional experience from start to finish wherein I and my husband both feel relaxed and pampered. I highly recommend their service and would definitely be making another appointment with them. If you’re looking for a place to experience therapy with a stress-relieving ambiance, then swing by at Keiken Spa and surely you’ll experience excellent and person-centered therapy.
For booking reservations, you may visit their FB Page or call them at 09618313036. For more details about Keiken Spa, you may check their website at


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