Lemon Grass: A Taste of Thai-Viet Cuisine


Just as I thought that I’m done with having heavy meals, a friend of mine just invited us for an early dinner instead of a late afternoon coffee because she was already hungry and had been craving to eat Thai foods for such a long time! I know that I posted a blog here about our Thai experience in one of the restaurants here in Cebu that served authentic Thai food (might as well read that post here), I would want us to try it out there but since we were already at Ayala Center Cebu having our window shopping then might as well dine at Lemon Grass because this restaurant offers a fusion of Thai and Vietnamese cuisine.


I’m guilty to be a food enthusiast and I was quite impressed with the food. For just the four of us, I was shocked with our orders, it was like we were having a fiesta (celebration).



So let’s start with an appetizer, of course, my favorite Pomelo and Crab Stick Salad it’s served with nuoc cham dressing but just the salad itself is already yummy!


Another appetizer we had was the Goi Cuon it’s Viet fresh summer rolls with shrimp, pork, veggies, and herbs wrapped in rice paper and I love the well-balanced taste and texture of it.


For our soup, we wanted to try their Tom Yam Goong, unfortunately, it’s not available that time so instead, we ordered the Tom Yam Thale it’s still a seafood soup. The flavor was just ok, I was looking for a sourer and spicier flavor of it.


We also added peppered squid with chili dip and also tried their Suon Nuong (grilled spare-ribs). The peppered squid is not something that I will recommend because for me it was just a normal dish but it was the favorite dish to one of my friends.


For the grilled spare-ribs I would say it’s perfectly cooked but again, I’m more into Thai and Vietnamese cuisine.


We all love Pad Thai, so we also tried it and it didn't dissapoint us. We loved the spiciness and the added flavors of the chicken and shrimp, it's definitely a treat for tastebuds.


A meal will never be complete without rice so we all agreed to try their Bagoong Fried Rice and no regrets because it was delicious.


Overall, our experience dining at Lemon Grass was good for the following reasons: Firstly, the place is clean and well sanitized. Secondly, the staffs were fast in taking our orders and were very accommodating to our little requests. Thirdly, most of the dishes that we tried complemented our taste and lastly, the price is just right!



So if you’re looking for authentic Thai-Viet cuisines, try Lemon Grass located at The Terraces, Ayala Center or you can check them out with their other branches in SM Seaside City Cebu or in Ayala Malls Capitol Central in Bacolod City.

That’s it for now fellow Hivers, I will keep you posted for another food trip next week! Bye 💚


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