Let's Eat: Cafe Elim


I have been planning for a month now to visit again Café Elim because I know that @sassycebuana will be delighted to check out this cute café because I know she’s been eyeing this for quite some time. This is where I plan to treat her for my first Hive payout.



Both of us easily get attracted to cafes with a millennial-ish kind of interiors. Something Korean-inspired café is surely a check on our list.






It wouldn’t be a complete casting without @simpledemple because that makes us a trio when it comes to café hopping. We all love coffee and Café Elim is a perfect choice for our late-night coffee date.


Café Elim opened last February 2019, and the word Elim is a place in the Bible. What's nice about the place is they have alfresco dining.


On my first visit here with my high school friends, we skip their main dish menu and just order drinks and cakes. We tried their banana Nutella cake which by the way is delicious and it’s really moist and their new cheesecake the Jerry Cheesecake which looks like the famous cartoon series Tom & Jerry. The cheesecake was so creamy and it has this smooth texture that will surely melt in your mouth. For our drinks, we ordered lemon-fresh aide, café mocha, Choco frap, and Thai tea latte.


For my second visit, this time I’m with my coffee lover friends @sassycebuana and @simpledemple. I ordered their homemade bacon pilaf and for my hubby, he got the shrimp bowl in chili sauce.



@sassycebuana got the honey bread because from the looks of it she finds it tasty along with her hot latte.


For @simpledemple she tried their new pasta with anchovies and got herself hot Americano.


Of course, we don’t want to miss their desserts so we tried their Basque cheesecake and their chocolate mousse cake.




For their rice bowls, I’m giving it 9/10 it was delicious but a bit pricy for a rice bowl. Their Anchovy pasta is 10/10 it got the perfect salty funkiness and this is my first time to try anchovy on pasta. The Basque cheesecake is a must-try too, I’m giving it 10/10 it’s mildly caramelized which makes it tastier like a crème brulee.



Overall, I love the ambiance – very quaint and dainty. I like how the café also has cute accessories and utensils. They have a lot of choices for desserts as well as savory meals. Also, the employees were friendly and accommodating.




I you haven’t visited Café Elim it’s located at The Space in AS Fortuna Street, Mandaue City across Jollibee. For reservations, you may want to reach them out at 0927 002 2040 or 0322385851 or send them a message on their FB page https://www.facebook.com/cafeelimph. It’s open daily from 10:00 AM until 11:00 PM.


That’s if for now, let me know if you happen to visit other cute cafes here in Cebu I would love to visit it. See you again for my next blog! Bye 💚


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