Let's Eat: COOEE Tribe


I certainly agree that having good food equals having a good mood. But I’m the kind of person who usually tries food that looks yummy just by looking at the picture of it. And, COOEE Tribe got the perfect aesthetic-looking dish with comfort food that everybody needs. So why is it called COOEE? This cute laid-back café is pronounced as “koo-wee” which means a shout “come over or come here” used in Australia to attract attention.



I have been to COOEE a couple of times at their branch in Raintree Mall but it was my first time to visit their other branch at Antara Residences, Lawaan, Talisay City quite far from my residence. Well, I don’t mind the distance as long as the place is safe for my baby because their branch in Talisay City has outdoor dining.

So what’s with this café that makes me want to come back?
I. Their guiltless food offering caters to a wide selection of healthy food and drinks. Just by looking at their menu, you will certainly be fascinated with their interesting dishes from all-day s, and their delicious shakes. They offer one of the best healthy breakfast meals in the South. Surely, the appetizing food presentation complements the taste of the food.






II. Their tropical laid-back interior really catches my attention. It got this cozy and instagrammable ambiance that you want to make photoshoots in almost every corner.



III. The café is clean and I like the idea that you can see how the staff prepare your food.


IV. It’s a pet-friendly café too! You can bring the entire family here and have a well-spent day.


V. They have a Loyalty card, so you would definitely want to come back because they got free classic lemonade on the fifth visit and free healthy shot for the next fifth visit and if you complete all 15 visits you get a free smoothie bowl which definitely a must-try. This loyalty card is not just to give free drinks or food but if you complete all stamps then you will be eligible for one (1) raffle entry which COOEE Tribe gives surprise giveaways to their loyal customers.
I can’t wait to be back and try their other delightful dishes so I can finally fill out my Loyalty card.


The Tribe is indeed a place where you and your family and friends can chill, connect and unwind.


COOEE opens every day from 8:00 AM until 10:00 PM except Tuesday. You can also have it delivered just call this number 2533793 or message them on their FB Page https://www.facebook.com/cooeetribe.
That’s it for now, remember that healthy food is for a wealthy mood. See you all for my next food trip. Bye 💚


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