My Hive Blogging Journey | First Month


I published my first blog post which is my self-introduction on this platform end of October. I have no expectations if Hivers will like or love (upvote) my post because I know I’m not a good writer and I struggle for words to express myself. But as time passed by and with the encouragement and support of @sassycebuana , my confidence to share and open up myself makes me more passionate to create more quality content. Despite my full-time work and having a part-time job, I was quite impressed with myself that I was able to consistently post at least two (2) contents in a week and now after a month, I’m gratified to say that I have now had ten (10) contents all were upvoted and reblogged by some Hivers. I was a member of the Hive Cebu Bloggers Community and in less than 2 weeks I was featured as their Hive Cebu Blogger for the week.


I never had imagined myself to be blogging for real because 10 years ago I just make my blog post private because I was too shy to flaunt my writing skills. But here in Hive, nobody will judge you or make fun of your content instead Hivers inspire and appreciate your efforts. So if you are like me who always asks “am I good enough” or “am I ready to do something” then now is the time to make that first step. Always be motivated to do what you are passionate about because from there, you will find the answers to all your questions.
I was never focused on what or how much would I earn here in Hive, because my only goal was to have my own website, and @sassycebuana told me that she got her own domain through Hive so that was really my objective then. It was @sassycebuana who unfailingly checks my phone to know if I needed to claim rewards and she was the one who keeps reminding me to check my wallet and so I was really happy when I finally got to have my first payout and enough HBD to get my own website domain through @engrave . Now, I can import my content to my website which is and can claim that “Jezwanderer” is officially my blogger name.


Of course, I rewarded myself for the hard work that I put into all my content.


I got the chance to return back the favors I asked from @sassycebuana. We had our dinner date together with @simpledemple who is also very supportive to both my blogging and vlogging passion at Cafe Elim, this is @sassycebuana 's chosen cafe for the month.


I know treating her for food and coffee is never enough to say how grateful I am for introducing Hive into my life but I know @sassycebuana feels how sincerely thankful I am for the trust and confidence that she gave me.

I also treated my husband to his all-time favorite pork BBQ at Matias for being supportive in taking photos for most of my travel content.



To @sassycebuana my mentor throughout this journey, thank you so much not just for being my Hive mentor but for being my role model in creating quality content for my blog posts and for always motivating me to become a better me.

To @ocd onboarding program, Thank you for helping new bloggers like me to have a chance in creating content and get rewarded.

To @purepinay thank you for all the support for new Hivers like me and for welcoming me into your community.

To @hivecebubloggers , thank you for all the compliments and for always supporting each other, I greatly appreciate it. This community only proves that “no hate, just love” only exists.

And lastly, to everyone who welcomes me here on this platform , to those who follow, upvote, comment and reblog my content, Thank You so much!💚


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