My Hive Intro: Hey It's Me @jezwanderer


I have been secretly blogging for more than 10 years because I was worried about what others may think since I'm not a good writer. But everytime I post a blog in my free blogsite I can feel a sense of accomplishment and it puts a smile on my face even if I'm struggling with the right words in my content. Now, I was really happy to finally be part of Hive, a community of bloggers which I believe will encourage, support and motivate each other. Something that started out as hobby turned out to be a life-changing journey.

Hello guys! My name is Jezevyl but my family and my close friends call me Darling. Yes, it’s an endearment to some lovers but who cares, my parents loved to call me that.
I was born and raised in Cebu and I am a proud Mandauehanon. I have four siblings but it’s only me who inherited my mother’s talent and that is dancing. I was once a member of the Cebu Capitol Dance Troupe and it gave me the opportunity to go to other places may it be local or international just to perform. I really loved dancing but I had to take a pause because I need to take care of my one-year-old baby. I have a full time job as Information Systems Analyst in the government and at the same time I worked as a part-time instructor in a College institution. I have always been goal-getter and with that my parents were so proud of me to graduate Valedictorian in a public school and Cumlaude in a University with the course Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Becoming a teacher was really my ambition but for some reasons I wasn’t able to take the course. Hence, I enrolled myself to take master’s degree in Business Administration and made me now an IT instructor for 12 years.


Why @jezwanderer?
It’s always my dream to travel around the world, maybe for some traveling is just pure fun adventure or just stepping out of their comfort zone but for me, travel makes me happy. It reminds me to appreciate every simple thing in life. I can still recall my first international trip with my friends wherein we stayed in a very tiny hostel just to save hotel accommodation, the cup of noodles that we brought to save meals, the freebies on street that we took for pasalubongs all these were so memorable. I realized that traveling without much money was not only a fun experience but transformed my outlook in life.

I always have goals in life, and traveling both local and international every year is one of those. Since then, a lot of my friends, colleagues even my family would ask where is my next trip, and they labeled me as "jez laagan" which means "jez wanderer". Now that I have a family of my own, it's my goal to travel with them and together appreciate simple joys and experience new things.


Well, traveling is no fun if there's no food at stake. Aside from being a certified "laagan" I am also into food trip. Every time I go to places, I always make sure to try their signature dish or dine-in into their famous restaurant or cafe. I also love to discover foods that I haven't tried before and I love looking for restaurant and cafe that serves unique delicious dishes wherein I can also do endless amounts of instagram posts.


How I found Hive?
Rica Marie aka @sassycebuana introduced me to Hive since she knew that I just started my youtube channel and vlogs my staycations and travels. She thought maybe I would also be interested to blog it. Without hesitation, I said YES, knowing that I'll be part of a community of bloggers makes me already thrilled and excited. I've known @sassycebuana for 8 years now and we're beasties at work. I know she makes contents on her blog almost daily so definitely she'll be able to guide me here on Hive.

I’m hoping to get acquainted with other goal-oriented content creators and to be part of this community which I know I could grow and learn not only in writing but also in building friendship.


That’s if for now, I hope I can inspire someone through my journey here on hive and I am so motivated and excited to share my future wanders with all of you! See you on my next blog! Bye