Purita Farms Vacation House: A Modern-Rural Staycation in San Remigio


It’s a yearly tradition for me and my friends the “team Wifey” to celebrate Christmas outside the city to avoid the hustle and bustle of rural life. So we all agreed to have an overnight staycation in Purita Farms Vacation House. This farmhouse is situated in the heart of San Remigio, Cebu just a 3-hour drive from the City.

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The farmhouse is a family-owned mango orchard that stretches up to 4 hectares of land. The house has two adjoining hexagonal-shaped huts that are well-maintained. The owner really preserves the woven and hand-crafted bamboo interior of the place as well as its furniture. The property is very close to the local market and to the public beach.







Purita Farms Vacation House is ideal for family or barkada gatherings, company and team building events, birthdays, and weddings. Nonetheless, it is a perfect place to unwind and make memorable moments with your loved ones.



Our stay at Purita Farms Vacation House

We checked in around 1:00 PM but their standard checked in time is 2:00 PM so I had the chance to look at almost every corner of the entire house. The house has 5 rustic-style rooms with themed colors in each room. It also has a mango-shaped pool with a mini slide for the kids and a small Jacuzzi. Beside the pool, they have a cabana where you can relax and chill the whole day because the fresh air makes you want to sleep. They have a “dirty kitchen” wherein guests can cook and prepare their food. They have a fully functional kitchen with complete utensils so it’s very convenient for big families. Aside from the pool which kids surely enjoy, we were just playing our favorite game which is playing “Mahjong”. In the afternoon we rented their ATVs and tour the whole farm.



For our food for the entire stay, we asked the caretaker of Purita Farms to prepare and do the cooking for us. We just list down our menu for dinner, breakfast, and lunch the next day because we had requested a late checkout and gave them the allocated budget. The food was really good and we really had the best seafood boodle for dinner.



What are its amenities?

The farmhouse can accommodate up to 30 pax, with an additional fee per added pax.
Here’s what to expect:
• 5 spacious air-conditioned rooms that can accommodate up to 6 persons (some rooms have mezzanine style bed)
• Shared toilet and bath
• Swimming Pool with Jacuzzi
• Fully equipped kitchen (utensils & Basic condiments)
• Alfresco dining area
• Cabana
• 3 ATVs



What are the rates?


  • P15,500 per night, good for 30pax Max
  • P18,500 per night, good for 40pax Max

DAY-USE Exclusive Stay
P6,500 up to a maximum of 30 people
Day Use Hours: 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Exceeding hours: P600 per hour
Extra Guests: P50 per head

NIGHT-USE Exclusive Stay
P7,500 up to a maximum of 30 people
Night Use Hours: 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Exceeding hours: P600 per hour
Extra Guests: P50 per head





What did I love about the place?

I love relaxing in this greenery environment with fresh air and overlooking the site of the mango orchard. I love that the farmhouse is situated far from residential houses because we will not be conscious of public disturbance for partying all night. LOL The food prepared for us was really good especially the “ginataang monggo” (Monggo beans soup with coconut milk) and the “binagoongan na pinakbet” (mixed vegetables with small shrimp) you can actually request this menu from the caretaker. I love that we have unlimited mahjong sessions with “Team Wifey” because this only happens once a year and we got the perfect place for playing it at Purita Farms. Lastly, we enjoyed our ATV adventure, we’re not old enough to do this adventure right?!
Overall, our stay in Purita Farms was very relaxing but at the same time never boring. Definitely, this will not be the last time, we’ll be back here soon with my family.



For reservations, you can message them through their FB page https://www.facebook.com/PuritaFarms or call them at 09176306923 you can also check my YouTube channel HERE a more detailed review of Purita Farms Vacation House.

That’s it fellow Hivers, let me know in the comment if you’ve been to a farmhouse and share your experience as well. See you on my next wander. Bye 💚


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