Ramen Series 1: Barikata Ramen Bar


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Thank you for taking the time to read this Ramen Blog Series, hopefully, there will be enough here who might be interested to know where to find the most delicious, mouth salivating, and unique taste of ramen.

Ramen is not only famous in Japan, but all over the world. In fact, we Filipinos loved ramen even if we’re from a tropical country. Here in Cebu, there are quite a number of Ramen restaurants, and one of the crowd’s favorites is the Barikata Ramen Bar in Cebu It Park, the ground floor of the Calyx Building. The name Barikata means "very hard” and it refers to the firmness of the noodles typically served in a variety of broth.


I have been to this restaurant many times this is our go-to ramen shop with my husband and since my friends wanted to have ramen in this rainy weather I decided to bring them here so that they can also try my favorites.



"Camera eats first"

As soon as you get inside the restaurant, you will see wallpapers of an old Japanese street and the “The Great Wave of Kanagawa”. The restaurant is not something fancy or has an instagrammable interior because mostly is in red and black color scheme but I appreciate how they stack up all the bowls in their hanging cabinets it looks cute and if you’re a fan of manga (Japanese comics), then you’ll surely enjoy reading their Slam Dunk manga collections.




We tried their best sellers the Shiro Tonkutso, Kuro Tonkotsu, Black Tantanmen, and their Shoyu Tonkotsu although @sassycebuana wasn't able to finish her ramen but me and @simpledemple of course winner 😂. For the side dish, I ordered gyoza because it’s my hubby’s favorite.





Overall, Barikata Ramen Bar is on my top list as one of the best ramen that I and my husband tried. Their chashu toppings are perfectly cooked and I loved that it’s thinly cut. The noodles for both Shiro and Kuro Tonkutso were thin so I really loved them because they had the right firmness to them. The restaurant has a reasonable price considering the hefty servings. We enjoyed our dinner and we were so full and satisfied.



Here's a picture of their menu: Photo source from their FB Page





You can also check their newly opened restaurant in SM Seaside Cebu with a more chic-style interior. For more information about Barikata Ramen Bar, you can check their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/barikata.ph

Let me know in the comment your suggested Ramen Restaurants here in Cebu. Until my next series, bye 💚


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