Seafood Boil Grill and Restaurant


I always believe that one cannot think well if one has not dined well. Hey Hivers, for those of you who have been craving delicious plates of seafood with a twist of flavors then Seafood Boil Grill and Restaurant is a must-try. Sometimes, all we want is to eat in a restaurant with this fancy-looking place or we dine because the price for the food is decent enough but what I always looked for is the consistency of flavors.



Surprisingly, this alfresco dining restaurant has it all, and let me share with you my experience.
This restaurant was named Seafood Boil because according to the owner, their main product is seafood.



It got the perfect location, it’s inside the Cebu Yacht Club in Lapu-lapu city so definitely you can see yachts very intimate especially if you plan to dine at night because they got live band too.
As to cleanliness and ambiance, it’s great that their restrooms are clean and I love the feeling of the fresh air coming from the sea. They got a huge parking space so you won’t have difficulty looking for a space.
Of course, price matters when choosing a restaurant especially when you’re in a big group. But this restaurant offers the right price for the food. It’s cheap yet you get the taste like the ones in fancy restaurants. I’m totally not exaggerating but really the food taste really good. This is my second visit and I ordered again their cheesy baked scallops, and the flavor is the same the first time I got the taste of it.


For the food, I had the chance to try their shrimps with cajun sauce the flavor was just right to my taste not too spicy. I also love their sinuglaw (SINUGba + kiniLAW) dish, it’s like a ceviche but with an added pork. Their grilled tuna panga and pork barbeque were well-cooked. But the garlic squid and the cheesy baked scallops are my top favorites among all.









For their customer service, I would say they have mediocre service but totally understandable because the restaurant is still new, they just recently opened August of this year so the staff really has to work on their service like providing courteous and quick service.
Overall, I personally love the food, the ambiance, and the value for money and these are the reason why I highly recommend this restaurant if you’re just like me who loved seafood.
That’s if for now, let me know if you have been to other seafood restaurants in Cebu that you can recommend, perhaps I’ll give it a try too. See you all Hivers in my next post. Bye 💚


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