Shizen Ramen Experience with Family


Since my Dad came home after a week of quarantine my mom wanted to treat him out so we decided to have lunch out at this ramen restaurant in Compostela, Cebu just a 30-minute drive from our house. We have been here at Shizen Ramen a couple of times but this is my Dad’s first time to try it. Shizen means “living in nature” in Japanese and the owner wanted to bring the concept of Shizen into the busy modern lives of their customers.





I loved this place because of its alfresco dining and the nature vibes that it offers. We were lucky when we got to the place because we were the first customers so it only means that we got the place all to ourselves (we need not worry about wearing our masks). We really want to try their Maki Sushi that’s why we opted to dine at lunchtime because every time we visit the restaurant their Maki Sushi rolls are always sold out.




For our orders, my Dad tried their best seller ramen, the Tonkotsu ramen and it’s available in spicy and regular but my Dad chose the latter. My mom tried the Oyako Don that’s a chicken and egg rice bowl and she really had a hard time finishing it all because the serving was really huge, she shared it with my Dad. For me and my husband, we got ourselves their Tonkatsu (breaded fried pork) and their Buta Shogayaki (Japanese style pork ginger bento). We also ordered Yaki Gyoza and Okonomiyaki. My sister got Katsu Curry and she added Dynamite Salmon Maki and California Maki. That’s really a lot to finish but of course, a meal is not a meal without desserts! So we got to try their Japanese cheesecake and their parfait and we just share it because we can’t almost finish it.

Tonkotsu Ramen

Oyako Don

Pork Tonkatsu

Buta Shogayaki

Yaki Gyoza


Katsu Curry

California Maki

Dynamite Salmon Maki

Japanese Cake


For my personal recommendations, I would suggest trying their Buta Shogayaki, it’s really flavorsome and I love how tender the pork is. Also, try their Yaki Gyoza, it’s very tasty and mostly filled with ground meat, can hardly taste the vegetables on it.


Overall, we really had a great time dining here and we were all so full and satisfied. The servings can be shared with two to three persons. I haven’t seen reviews about Shizen Ramen they’re a bit underrated but they deserved a shout-out and recognition.



If you want good quality and authentic tasty ramen in the north of Cebu, particularly in Compostela, this is definitely a place to be. You can make a reservation at their Instagram account @shizen.ramen or through their FB page They also have food deliveries if you find the restaurant a little far from your place. To order, just send them a message at 0956 8157954. The restaurant is open daily from 11:00 AM until 8:00 Pm except on Monday.

Image Sourced from Shizen.Ramen

That’s it for now Hivers, hope to update you with another food trip of mine. Keep safe everyone!💚


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