Sirao Peak: First Trekking Experience


It’s more of a question of “why” during a climb but when you’re on the summit this becomes “wow”. It all begins with the first mountain to climb, and as for beginners, Sirao Peak is a favorite destination among trekkers who seeks challenging trails from river trekking, the direct ascent to Kabang falls up to the panoramic view of the peak.


It was on a weekend when I and my husband decided to go with my friends to explore Sirao Peak. Since we don’t have gears just like professional trekkers, I just made sure to pack light and wear comfortable trekking pants and sandals.


Sirao Peak also known as Mt. Kan-Irag proudly stands at approximately 2,200 feet above sea level. This peak can be reached via Ayala Heights in Busay about a 30-minute hike, but since the group wanted a challenging trek, we started the climb from the jump-off area at Sitio Baugo, Budlaan which by the way includes a strong motivation and focus to traverse Kabang Falls, rivers, boulders, and hills with rain showers and striking heat of the sun for almost 7 hours.



The group met at Gaisano Talamban Jollibee where we had our breakfast at around 9:00 AM. As soon as we were complete, we took a habal-habal ride (motorcycle) for about 20 minutes going to Sitio Budlaan. We didn’t hire a local guide from the area because one of our friends is quite familiar with the trail since he’s been to Sirao Peak more than 10 times.

Habal-habal ride

We started the trek around 9:30 AM going to our first stop and about an hour we reached Budlaan Falls. I was amazed to see that there’s waterfalls in the city. We took some photos, rest a bit, and had a quick water break.





After Budlaan falls, we made our way to those steep and slippery boulders going to Kabang falls. I thought it would be an easy trek but to my surprise, it’s really not. My husband got himself stuck in the mud and he almost fell on the cliff! Our trek was slow and steady because most of us are beginners. I even removed my trekking sandals and walk barefoot so that I can walk fast since I’m always left behind (well I’m the weakest in the group). The boulders in the river were so huge that we have to use the 4-wheel method (using both hands and feet) in traversing the trail.




We reached our next stop Kabang falls around 12:00 noon and we had our lunch on top of a huge rock. Be always mindful of the “Leave No Trace” rule so we brought with us trash bags.


We managed to take some shots while resting in between falls that we passed.



After having our sumptuous lunch, we took the chance to swim and enjoy the place all by ourselves (still can’t believe this place exists in the city). The water was cold and it’s not clear water because of the heavy rain the other night (BTW we thought of canceling the trek for safety reasons).



Around 1:00 PM, we started our trek again, since it will be another 2-hour trek we stopped over a 7/11 store for refreshments and to relax before heading to our last assault.

The famous 7/11 store in the area

Around 2:30 PM perfect time to start the trek going to Sirao peak. really thought that it will be an easier trek this time, but I was all wrong again. The trek required enormous strength and determination especially the last assault.



It was a difficult path we were all catching our breaths and sweating like hell, I even have some scratches on my feet and arms because of the twigs and those tall cogon grasses like literally taller than me LOL. But all these were replaced with self-fulfillment and achievement that we all deserved.



At last, we were at the peak! I am so proud of my husband, my group, and myself for achieving this part. It was a memorable experience to witness the beauty of nature together with my friends and my most supportive hubby who encourages and motivates me that I can do this and yes I did it!




Itinerary Details:
9:00am Meetup @ Jollibee Gaisano Talamban
ETD 9:15 AM – to jump-off area
ETA 9:30 AM – arrived in Budlaan jump-off area
Note: Ride habal-habal for P50 per head
9:45 AM – start of the trek
12 NN – arrived in Kabang Falls (Lunch and Swimming time)
Note: Bring your own Lunch
1:30 PM – start the trek
2:30 PM – rest in 7/11 for refreshments
3:00 PM – start trek to the summit
4:00 PM – arrived at the summit (picture taking till sunset)

Note: You can also do the Backdoor Trail via Ayala Heights and is best for Sunrise Viewing.

Total Expenses: P300.00 per head (but this really depends on how much food you will eat and how much water you will drink)
Habal-habal going to Budlaan – P25
Lunch – P150
Refreshments – P50
Habal-habal going to JY – P75

Things to bring:

  1. Water bottle / Hydration pack (at least 1 – 2 litters each)
  2. Wear sandals or shoes for river trekking. (expect feet to be wet)
  3. Extra clothes
  4. Packed lunch and light snacks (candies or energy bars)
  5. Waterproof bag just in case it might rain
  6. Sunblock
  7. Umbrella/scarf/hat

Just a gentle reminder to always follow and obey the LEAVE NO TRACE rule.


That’s it Hivers, let me know any suggestions of beginner’s mountain trekking here in Cebu because I’m planning to do it this time with my 1-year-old baby. Until my next post, thank you and take care Hivers!💚



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